Corey Reece
Above: BKA action at Bushy Park
Photo: Corey Reece
Above: Barbados Auto Racing League
Photo: BARL
Barbados Rally Club
Above: F2 racing at Bushy Park in 1975
Photo: Barbados Rally Club
Above: BADD action
Photo: Ozzman
Gerrard Wilson
Above: Sol Rally Barbados
Photo: Gerrard Wilson
Bushy Park Barbados
Above: Marshals team at Race Of Champions - Bushy Park Barbados
Photo: Bushy Park Barbados
Barbados Rally Club
Above: MudDogs Motorsport
Photo: Barbados Rally Club
Neil Barnard
Above: BPMSI action from Williams Industries International Race Meet
Photo: Neil Barnard

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Upcoming Events

August 08
BKA - Kart Race at Bushy Park
August 14
VRMSC - RallyCross at Vaucluse Raceway
August 21
MCBI - Special Stage Rally at TBA
August 28 to August 29
BPMSI - Race Meeting at Bushy Park

Sport Vision 2021:

To have a Barbadian Licence holder in a world championship motorsport series by the year 2022

Mobility Vision Zero:

To achieve zero deaths resulting from road accidents in Barbados