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Record number for BMF training at Bushy Park

A record number of more than 170 volunteer officials and marshals will gather at Bushy Park this week for four days of training organised by the Barbados Motoring Federation (BMF). Funded by a successful Cluster Grant Application by the BMF to the Federation Internationale de l’Automobile (FIA), this will be the biggest-ever exercise of its type in the region and also include participants from Antigua, Guyana and Jamaica.
  Chairman of the BMF Training Committee John Sealy said: “This weekend is the latest step in the BMF’s ongoing commitment to supporting our volunteers, who play such a vital role in what we do. This will be the most extensive training programme in the island for a few years and it comes at a good time, now that motor sport across the region is getting back up to full strength after Covid.”
  The event has been co-ordinated via the Haggatt Hall offices of Motorsport Services, where office manager Michelle King yesterday (Monday) reported total registrations of 175 volunteers, just over 60 officials and more than 110 marshals, with the largest contingent coming from the member clubs of the BMF. With Team Leader Cheryl Gonsalves, the Guyana Motor Racing & Sports Club is sending 10 participants, while ‘McGyver’ Donelan is leading a group of six from Antigua; both these groups will attend for all four days, while the eight participants from Jamaica, led by Tiffany Bryan, will participate in the marshals’ training only.
  A full day of classroom sessions for officials on Thursday will cover event and incident management, followed by practical work on Friday, to include live scenarios created at various locations on the circuit, along with demonstrations of medical extrication, the use of cutting equipment, fire extinguishers and recovery equipment. On Saturday, marshals will spend the morning in classroom sessions on a wide range of flag, communication and track protocols and systems before moving outside for practical training in the afternoon. On Sunday (July 24), when there also is a BPCI Track Day under way, all the groups will work together for a comprehensive review of the previous days’ training sessions and to work through further scenarios to enhance their learning.
  Sealy added: “We much appreciate that the FIA are funding this training which makes it possible to invite motor sport volunteers from around the region and to have three international trainers who will deliver the training. Thanks to Bushy Park for the use of the facility, which is ideal for combining classroom sessions with practical work on track and also means we have the space to include such a large number of volunteers. Thanks also to Jeanne Crawford and Michelle King, who have worked very hard in recent weeks on the logistics, liaising with the regional ASNs and registering the participants.”

Editor’s note: affiliated to the Federation Internationale de l’Automobile (FIA), which rules the sport worldwide, the Barbados Motoring Federation (BMF) is the island’s governing body for motor sport; it also represents the interests of its Member Clubs in discussions with Government departments which facilitate the sport in the island, in particular the Ministry of Transport, Works & Water Resources, which permits road closures for an agreed number of events each year. Away from motor sport, the BMF affiliate which answers the FIA Mobility remit is the Barbados Automobile Association (BAA), which is an executive committee member of the Government’s Barbados Road Safety Council.

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